Not Just Another Card, It's The PAPER LOVE Experience.

Paper Love is a small family owned and operated business with big ideas, focused on always innovating with new ideas and designs, with a goal to help our customers show their love and compassion through giving our amazing cards to their friends and loved ones.

Nowadays, in such a technology filled and hectic environment, we can often forget to show that we care about the most valuable thing that we have, which is our friends and family.

It is our mission at Paper Love to help as many people as we can to take a moment to think about the people that we really care about in our lives, and let them know that we care about them by giving them a Paper Love Pop Up Card, which is not just another greeting card, but a piece of art that shows that you went the extra step to show some real love and care.


Paper Love 3-Dimensional Popup Cards are made from the highest quality European craft paper. Our cards are professionally designed and delicately handcrafted by original Vietnamese origami and kirigami artists, with great attention to every last detail.

At Paper Love we have a large, constantly growing, collection of Beautiful Pop Up Cards for holidays and occasions such as Birthday, Wedding, Anniversary, Congratulations, Graduation, Christmas, Valentine's Day Mother's Day, Father's Day, Halloween, ect.

We also have exclusive selections of collectible cards, such as the Floral Collection, Animal Collection and the Famous Art Collection.


At Paper Love we take the safety of the environment very seriously, that is why our cards are sourced from only environmentally friendly materials, all of our products are produced within the guidelines of the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council), so when you purchase a Paper Love Card have a piece of mind and know that you are not hurting our beautiful planet.