HugePop Cherry Blossom Flower Bouquet Pop Up With Detachable Flowers


HugePop Cherry Blossom Flower Bouquet Pop Up With Detachable Flowers


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Product description
  • A Gift That Lasts! - Surprise your loved one with a lasting gift that won't wilt or die like real flowers. A Paper Love HugePop Cherry Blossom pop up flower card is perfect for all occasions, mothers day, valentines day, birthday, or just because- A paper flower bouquet live forever! 
  • Exquisite Paper Art - Let your loved one know how much you care with this exquisite flower pop up card that's sure to turn heads! Filled with intricate laser cut details, and vibrant colors, it's sure to bring a smile. Show your thought and consideration with this special gift.
  • The Element of Surprise - Surprise someone special with a HugePop pop up flowers they will be caught by surprise as they open Jumbo paper bouquet flowers pops up in their face. Make your special moment romantic and unforgettable that is thoughtful gesture and make a lasting impression.
  • Show Your Love - Make them feel incredibly cherished and valued with a Paper Love HugePop pop up flowers bouquet! With this gift you can go above and beyond in showcasing your love and affection for someone on every single special occasion throughout the year!
  • Innovative 2-in-1 Design – The HugePop pop up flower bouquet card is the masterpiece that suits any occasion. It can be detached to display as a bouquet of flowers forever or presented as a card. It's a thoughtful and unique gift that is sure to be appreciated by anyone who receives it.
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Customer Reviews

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Lovely Detail, doesn't catch or tear when you open it

The detail in the Cherry Blossom card is just stunning. Its on the smaller side, which is a positive to me. This person does not have a lot of space. Its just the right size to keep on a desk or beside a bed. I love the removable disk base so that the bouquet can come out of the card. Really worth the money and I can't wait to buy more of these for friends.

City AngelCity Angel
Beautiful, High Quality, Colorful Cherry Blossom Pop-Up Card! :0)

I’ve never seen such an awesome and pretty pop-up card! I’m so happy that I chose this beautiful Cherry Blossom tree!Excellent paper thickness, quality and design! Comes with a circular notecard that also acts as the slip ring to hold up/house the upright Cherry Blossom Tree! :0)This is such a unique and pretty card! The colors are wonderful and the details on the tree are fabulous! I highly recommend this lovely card!Additionally, there is plenty of room to write on 1/2 of the card once you open it up fully if you can’t fit everything onto the small circular card. Enjoy! :0)

Very pretty for Mother's Day!

I'm sending this to my Mom for Mother's Day. It's delicate, pretty and well made. It's priced at $14.99 at the time I'm writing my review and I think it's worth it. Cards are so expensive anymore, but this is well thought out and made to last. It's a little smaller than I thought it was going to be, but still beautiful. Great purchase and I'll happily buy more for other occasions!

Joyce Flynn (Marlton, NJ, US)
Great Mothers Day card

So pretty

Yolanda O.
Beautiful bouquet in a card

This card has a removable bouquet and a separate card insert. It's beautiful and artistic. It can be a birthday, valentine, thank you, farewell, Congratulations card - all of the above. The card and bouquet are also sturdy.