HugePop Spring Flower Bouquet Pop Up With Detachable Paper Flower


HugePop Spring Flower Bouquet Pop Up With Detachable Paper Flower


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Product description
  • A Gift That Lasts! - Surprise your loved one with a lasting gift that won't wilt or die like real flowers. A Paper Love HugePop Spring Bouquet flower pop up card is perfect for all occasions, mothers day, valentines day, birthday, or just because- A flower card live forever!
  • Exquisite Paper Art - Let your loved one know how much you care with this exquisite popup flower bouquet that's sure to turn heads! Filled with intricate laser cut details, and vibrant colors, it's sure to bring a smile. Show your thought and consideration with this special gift.
  • The Element of Surprise - Surprise someone special with a HugePop pop up flower bouquet greeting card they will be caught by surprise as they open Jumbo paper flowers bouquet pops up in their face. Make your special moment romantic and unforgettable that is thoughtful gesture and make a lasting impression.
  • Show Your Love - Make them feel incredibly cherished and valued with a Paper Love HugePop pop up flower card! With this gift you can go above and beyond in showcasing your love and affection for someone on every single special occasion throughout the year!
  • Innovative 2-in-1 Design – The HugePop popup flower bouquet is the masterpiece that suits any occasion. It can be detached to display as a bouquet of flowers forever or presented as a card. It's a thoughtful and unique gift that is sure to be appreciated by anyone who receives it.

Customer Reviews

Based on 52 reviews

The bouquet of flowers that pop out are very pretty. I sent one to my aunt she loved it


I purchased this for my mom for Mother’s Day. She loves it. I do too. It’s absolutely adorable. Never has to be watered and will never die.

I sent two

I sent two separate card bouquets. They are exactly like they are represented here. Both recipients loved them. I will use this company again.

Karen O
High Quality; though NOT large enough to be described as 'JUMBO'

Okay, so the card/envelope itself was huge, with the bouquet in the middle; like those classic 'pop up' cards we've all seen. That being said, in my personal opinion, I would've much preferred a LARGER bouquet, and less blank surrounding card. Just fyi....the bouquet can be detached from its huge card, and there's a little round 'stand' provided to slip into its base so the bouquet can stand on its own. This would be a great card if 20+ people are planning to write in it, as there is a lot of blankness. I realize this kind of packaging is to help prevent folding/damage during transit. Sadly, this was not the case for mine. It arrived literally folded in half, about 30minutes before it was to be given. LOL I know this is NOT the fault of the Seller. Had to mess around and fluff the bouquet as best I could; and I recycled the big card and envelope, as they were pretty well trashed. I realize this isn't the fault of the seller. It is of nice quality. My 4 star review instead of 5 stars is because it really wasn't as large as I had hoped, and--in my opinion--its huge card packaging was rather a waste for my purpose. Would prefer a larger bouquet, with plain, non-decorative STURDY cardboard on either side to best ensure a safe arrival. Because a cute note on the envelope which reads "please do not bend" will absolutely not cut it. LOL

Shawnee Fry
So fun!

My mother-in-law is in a nursing home so we try to keep gifts small as she only has a small space... and who doesn't love flowers (except they tend to die too fast), these she can enjoy much longer!These flowers are beautiful and life-like in size! The colors are brilliant and the quality actually amazed me; and the best part is the versatility of this gift... they can easily be moved around in your space or folded back up into the card to be brought out time after time! These flowers are definitely worth the money as they will never die and can be enjoyed for as long as you want!Very pleased with this purchase and my mother-in-law was ticked pink to recieve such a large card with beautiful flowers that she now shares with everyone that comes to visit!