Oversized Christmas Tree Pop Up Card, 10" x 7" Includes Envelope and Note Tag


Oversized Christmas Tree Pop Up Card, 10" x 7" Includes Envelope and Note Tag


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Product description

EXQUISITE DESIGN - This Oversized Christmas Tree Popup Card features a beautiful unique 3D design, showcasing a vibrant 10 Inch Christmas Tree that symbolizes the spirit of the season.

INTRICATELY HANDCRAFTED - Paper Love pop up card are made from the most premium cardstock, the intricate details are delicately laser-cut and then handcrafted by our team of highly-skilled and passionate paper artists.

THE ELEMENT OF SURPRISE - This 10 x 7 card is flat when folded, the recipient will be caught by surprise when they open the card and the sculpture pops up in their face, creating a special heartwarming moment.

ADD YOUR PERSONAL TOUCH - Each Card includes a removable note tag to write your warm wishes, messages, and notes without messing up the card's design.

A POP OF ART FOR SPECIAL OCCASION - This is ideal for all your Christmas and Holiday celebrations. Whether you're sending warm wishes, expressing gratitude, or simply thinking of someone during the festive season, this card captures the essence of Christmas joy.

Customer Reviews

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Cheri C. Williams

Well done.

Great, special Christmas card

Every year instead of exchanging gifts with a friend in a different state, we try to find special cards. This is one of the best ones I've sent so far.

ABQ girl
It is very good quality and arrived quickly

This was a Christmas gift for a person who doesn’t get out much. She loved it and it added a little holiday cheer to her home!

Tina A.
Pop-up cards

I think these pop-up cards are great gifts!


These were a big hit. The price was very reasonable, the packaging was sturdy and both cards that I mailed arrived without any damage. The pop up tree itself is gorgeous, And the 2 people I sent these to really really love them.