HugePop Tulip Flower Pop Up Card with Detachable Paper Flower Bouquet


HugePop Tulip Flower Pop Up Card with Detachable Paper Flower Bouquet


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Product description
  • A Gift That Lasts! - Surprise your loved one with a lasting gift that won't wilt or die like real flowers. A Paper Love HugePop Tulip pop up bouquet is perfect for all occasions, mothers day, valentines day, birthday, or just because- A flower cards live forever!
  • Exquisite Paper Art - Let your loved one know how much you care with this exquisite pop up flowers bouquet that's sure to turn heads! Filled with intricate laser cut details, and vibrant colors, it's sure to bring a smile. Show your thought and consideration with this special gift.
  • The Element of Surprise - Surprise someone special with a HugePop flower pop up card they will be caught by surprise as they open Jumbo paper flower bouquet pops up in their face. Make your special moment romantic and unforgettable that is thoughtful gesture and make a lasting impression.
  • Show Your Love - Make them feel incredibly cherished and valued with a Paper Love HugePop 3d flower card! With this gift you can go above and beyond in showcasing your love and affection for someone on every single special occasion throughout the year! 
  • Innovative 2-in-1 Design – The HugePop flower pop up card is the masterpiece that suits any occasion. It can be detached to display as a bouquet of flowers forever or presented as a card. It's a thoughtful and unique gift that is sure to be appreciated by anyone who receives it.

Customer Reviews

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Kermit Housh (Gulf Breeze, FL, US)
Great Gift

I’m allergic to all pollen so my poor, long-suffering wife gets no flowers in the house.

This is her 2nd bouquet of paper flowers.

She loves them. Now she has beautiful flowers in the house year around.

Love these more when delivered to correct address!

Pkg was NOT delivered to the correct address. Mom is receiving her Mother's Day bouquet just today. Grrr! Love Amazon, until I don't. They have not done well on out-of-state deliveries.

Cute but small

It made a nice centerpiece for lunch, but the card is huge in proportion to the bouquet pop up. Nice colors. Don’t regret the purchase, but would not purchase again.

Irene Kapner-Rokeach (Barnegat, NJ, US)
Beautiful gift.

Only problem is that my notes were not included in either gift I sent. The recipients did not know who had sent them.

Not worth $20

While this is very pretty, the flowers are much smaller than expected. The dimensions provided are for the card, not the flowers. Knowing this now, I never would have purchased for $20. I didn't want a giant card, wanted big flowers. You can easily find something similar much cheaper at your local store. I will say the weight of the paper is very heavy, good quality. My only complaint is the size of the flowers vs the cost.